Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Using the excuse that I am Bear hunting-it is really the other things that I see and run across that makes for such an interesting life.  It is always a surprise to run across what I do find out there.  Every excursion I am not disapointed by those surprises.  I have always been a morning person and all my life I have had such exciting encounters in the wild.  I count it a true blessing by my God thay I have had the life I have.  And to record it on canvas and photograph and to make a living doing it is an added blessing.  I do hope you enjoy the latest posts from the past few weeks.
The other evening I jumped up this fellow who spent as much time observing me as I did him.  He finally had enough and hopped over that barbwire fence.  Further along a number of Pronghorn Antelope friends raced me befor veering off and dissapearing.  the fastest animal in North America with binocular vision they have really increased their numbers in this area. 
A good 45 minutes were spent jsut watching and listening to this herd of Cow Elk with their calves in tow as they grazed across a mountain hillside all the while talking to each other as they went.  A Bull elk was above itn the timber bugling constantly.  It is way to early for that and rather strange behavior for this time of year.  Maybe this years weather has everything confused
Incredible morning and evening vistas such as this looking into the five Pockets-headwaters of Horse Creek greet me everytime I go out.  Except for the now appearing mosquitos it is pure pleasure to be out alone with God and nature.
Early the other morning I ran across mother and calf moose waiting for the warm sun to make its appearance.
Found this young grizzly grazing a forest meadow west of Dubois.

Friday, July 8, 2011

I ran across this Mother grizzly and her lone cub the other evening.  Such a powerful animal.  Such a scarey animal.
Continuing my ventures in the high country with the excuse of looking for bears I ran across this black bear that I am afraid I woke up.  He was a little sleepy looking befor finally deciding to venture out through the aspens foraging wilflower salad.