Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I had just begun this Fall posting in September when I took a nasty fall that ended up with a crushed heel and vertebrae that kind of sidelined me for a while. Sounds like I will be off that heel into January and so am just now finding the time to finish up my latest OUTDOOR ADVENTURE I hope you enjoy it.
September 20, 2009
It is the Gold season in the high country. Definitely my favorite time of the year. Cold crisp frosty mornings giving way to warm pleasant afternoons of blue skies and colors of warmth that permeats everything. Even the dark greens of the timber have a warm glow to it. Smells of dryness and warmth absorbs the mountains and gives a sense of it being just good to be alive.
September 20, 2009
The beauty of the afternoon transends even to this old cow camp refered to as the Winchester Cow Camp. It is one of many similar old Camps that dot these mountains from an era very recent when cattle grazed these mountains way more than they do now. They are a reminder of past dreams and hard work and now slowly slip away to the harsh elements all too soon to become forgotten and unknown.

September20, 2009
It is pure pleasure to hike through forests of dark green Pine and Spruce and gold of Aspens on such a warm afternoon as this. Most of Wyoming east of us had a pretty major September snow storm that left the high mountains solidly white. No. It won't stay long except for the highest peaks but is a taste of what will soon be coming. We escaped that storm and it is pretty dry walking through dry vegetation that cracks and pops with each step as I pass through groves of forest and open meadows of Grass and Sage.
September20, 2009
Six weeks ago I sat on the ridge above and watched quite a number of Ravens down below in these very Aspen groves I am hiking through. Something was definitely dead down here though I could never spot it with my binoculers. In this country that can mean a Grizzly there or soon will be. I definitely was not going to go down and check it out.
Walking through the area now it is amazing to find every fallen Aspen and Pine lying on the ground has been rolled over, torn apart and even chewed on by a Grizzly in its search for Grubs. Seems like a lot of energy used for a few insects.
September 20, 2009
It is always a pleasant experience when one hikes through an Aspen Forest. That dry wood smell mingled with that definite Aspen aroma is so pleasing to the senses. I sit quietly for some time just inside a large Aspen-Pine forest and watch and listen to the various birds and the Pine Squirrel who is always present in such an environment. It is almost immediate that this one discovers me and goes about informing every living creature as to my presence. Clark Nutcrackers fly overhead and alight close by lending their opinion as to my whereabouts along with Mrs. Squirrel. They then fly on still squacking away till their sound is lost in distance. Several Gray Jays noislessly fly by. Their presence announced only by that soft swoosh of wings as they go by. The gentle twittering of Juncos as they flit about the grove looking for an afternoon snack all comingle with that soft rustling of Aspen leaves. Each leaf is suspended by its petiole in such a way that the lightest breeze sends a shimmering rustling sound through the otherwise tranquil quiet afternoon air.
September 20, 2009
On a large open meadow a number of Mule Deer Does and Fawns, who have now lost their spots browse about looking for those last morsels of easy living. I wonder if they are in any way cognizant of what will soon be coming. Those long dark days. The cold, the snow and the wind.

September 20,2009
As always I am reluctant to leave. Afternoon has gotten on and the sinking sun to the west is sending beams of dusty light filtering through the Aspens. I'll get out a few more times but being pretty busy with painting commitments it may be a while and by then the leaves will be falling and the days beauty will fall prey to grayer days and gray leafless trees.