Wednesday, November 4, 2009

September 20, 2009
It is always a pleasant experience when one hikes through an Aspen Forest. That dry wood smell mingled with that definite Aspen aroma is so pleasing to the senses. I sit quietly for some time just inside a large Aspen-Pine forest and watch and listen to the various birds and the Pine Squirrel who is always present in such an environment. It is almost immediate that this one discovers me and goes about informing every living creature as to my presence. Clark Nutcrackers fly overhead and alight close by lending their opinion as to my whereabouts along with Mrs. Squirrel. They then fly on still squacking away till their sound is lost in distance. Several Gray Jays noislessly fly by. Their presence announced only by that soft swoosh of wings as they go by. The gentle twittering of Juncos as they flit about the grove looking for an afternoon snack all comingle with that soft rustling of Aspen leaves. Each leaf is suspended by its petiole in such a way that the lightest breeze sends a shimmering rustling sound through the otherwise tranquil quiet afternoon air.

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