Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February21, 2010
Our winter has been totally lacking in snow. This weekend was the first time we have had any for over a month and for 3 days it has lightly snowed off and on leaving about 4 inches covering the Wind River Valley. It is a crisp sunday afternoon with evidence of clearing skies when Vicki and I decide it is a good time for a drive to check out the Bighorn Sheep in Whiskey Basin. Possibly the snow has driven the sheep off Whiskey mountain where they usually spend their winter days. The badlands east of Dubois are sporting a new clothing of winter white. It is a very dry snow and won't last long as a covering as the slightest wind will blow it off in a hurry. Right now it is a marshmallow world and the ending storm has cast a heavy mist on the surrounding countryside. Lingering snow squalls send occassional snow showers of dry snow that falls like sifted cotton.

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  1. Gary, each of these are breathtaking.
    Wyoming whisps of frosted cream on the prairie.
    Lonely desert dessert waiting for a taste of spring.