Monday, August 23, 2010

August 9, 2010
The morning is over and I find that I have actually shot 96 pictures of some great research for paintings and memories of the morning. The East Fork country is full of great surprises and adventures at every turn. It is a fabulous country that I have witnessed from horseback to its headwaters to 4-wheel and easier traveled roads all unimproved even at lower elevations. This Photo is so typical of the varied forms of terrain that supports so many vistas and wildlife.

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  1. This already looks like a painting, beautiful shot. Sometimes when I go out on a shoot I am amazed at how many I shoot in one day. Better to many than no getting that shot. Hadn't seen you for quite a while so nice to hear something from your way.Wondered if you ever have done The Brenda Photo Challenge? This next months is a photo essay.