Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 2010
It begins in early September. First a few spots of yellow and faded green. A little orange scattered amongst the Aspen goves. The temperatures are very cool in the morning. Even cold. Frost covers the ground most mornings. Days are warm and pleasant. The early morning sun filters amongst the groves even now illuminating trees in a little different brilliance. It is just a hint of what is coming within a matter of days. Elk are bugling. Their call echoing throughout the mountains and valley floors. There is a change in pace of all the birds and critters scurying about with a litle more purpose. The dog days of summer are gone replaced with this definite quick change of the season.


  1. Plenty of material here to keep you busy painting through the winter!..
    A beautiful set. You're so lucky (or smart?) that you don't have to travel to see scenes like this.

  2. Gary, an astounding series of photos, beautifully taken, just breathtaking. it's probably me, but a few aren't showing up. I'll check back later. just beautiful, i so envy you.

  3. Beautiful Photo! We hardly notice the changing of the seasons here in Southern California.