Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 1, 2011
The next morning is New Years day and Vicki and I go out for breakfast and then head up to Torrey Creek and Whiskey Basin to see if there are any Bighorn Sheep out and about. The wind has come up overnight and it is kicking up the newly f allen snow from several days ago into a frenzy of ground blizzards. The dirt road ahead is full of snow snakes as the snow slithers across in snake like fashion. The wind does raise the temperature over a period of a few days but it is sure cold while doing so. It has gone from -13 last night to +4 now. As we continue up the valley it actually gets even warmer-AND-the snow drifts deeper. By the time we get to Whiskey Basin we have bucked many drifts and watched the trucks thermometer rise to +13 degrees.

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