Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 15, 2011
February 14 and it is pretty pleasant out. A little windy but that has the temperature up into the mid 40's. A great afternoon to again take a break and go for a hike up the Glacier Trail.
It is more snow covered than I thought it might be but packed by weekend hikers and in places quite muddy and other places very icy. My still bothersome foot is talking to me all the way but I figure it is good to do this to it but am wishing I had a good hiking pole as coming back down the steep trail might be a little hazardous on that foot on this steep trail. Surrounded by high peaks and granite faces it is a beautiful afternoon hike and no one is around to break up the solitude I am so enjoying.
The falls are still frozen solid and as that has been my afternoon goal I turn around and head back down the trail. I do decide to leave the trail for the drier side further to the north where the sun in the more open hillside has melted off the snow. It is pretty steep but with no ice my foot appreciates it a lot more and thanks me for the decision.

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