Friday, September 14, 2012

The coffee shop was pretty full yesterday morning so when Les came in I suggested we go for a little ride.  Les always up for one of my outdoor adventures was ready and willing.  By the time we hit the end of sane travelers on Brent Creek I decided to venture into 4-wheel country and try for the Burroughs Creek road.  It has been 30 years since I have been on this road and time and erosion have had their way with the country.  It was a harrowing 2 hours later when we hit Burroughs Creek.  A rough enough road but a piece of cake compared with what we went through.  Les at one point even walking down a hill to watch me manuever over steep steps to descend.  It was one of those roads where it is easier to continue on just because you did not want to go through what you just did.
But the scenery at near timberline was magnificently beautiful such as this scene of this little lake at the base of the Ramshorn.  Ice ringed and ;meadows full of heavy frost, the morning was marred only by the smoke from the Buffalo Fork fire that really boiled up the evening before.  If it was not for that we could have seen the Tetons to the west.  We only ran into a single 5 point bull elk who watched us momentarily befor dissapearing like a ghost into the forest.

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  1. Great shot Gary! What an inspiring picture for this wonderful scenery: powerful, radiant, infused with tranquility.