Tuesday, April 14, 2009

[1]April 14, 2009
There is another winter storm brewing and it has been raining and snowing alternately all day. The weather bureau is calling for the possibility of over a foot of snow and up to 3 feet in the mountains. It seems hard to believe just two days ago how nice it was without a cloud in the sky. My wife, Vicki and I decided sunday afternoon that it was a good day to drive up to the Glacier Trailhead SE of Town to check things out. I hadn't thought about it until she mentioned that she had not been up there since last fall. Vicki is a stickler when it comes to walking and diligently does it every day. 1-2 miles per day but it is usually along the river walkway in the town park. I have been confined by what I can do and have not hit a mountain trail since my surgery a little over four weeks ago so this is a good chance to see how I do in a short distance.
On the way up the road we encounter a number of Mule Deer scattered in various groups all along the way. A lot of deer. On the slopes of Whiskey Mountain there are about 100 head of elk grazing away. We are pleasantly surprised when we drive into Whiskey Basin to find about 50 head of Bighorn Sheep and oddly enough they are accompanied by a number of Mule Deer. I have never seen or heard of that.


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