Wednesday, April 29, 2009

[1]April 29, 2009
We have had a week of snow every day including a foot that fell this past sunday into monday morning. This morning we awoke to about another inch and it was wet enough that it clung to everything creating a white wonderland such as this view along the Wind River just west of town.
I had gone to Kathys Coffee at first light to catch up on the latest town gossip for the week. If nothing else you can tell where the best fishing is as all the "Fishing guides" congregate there. Apparantely a grizzly has broken into a cabin at the Bitterroot Dude Ranch on East Fork and the authorities are now trying to capture him. Donita Sayers, the highschool art teacher who lives off the Union Pass road came in to say there are still quite a number of elk in her area. They have been there most of the winter and I have gotten a number of great pictures of them but decide maybe I'll head up that way. It looks like it will be a beautiful morning with this snow the way it is covering the countryside and the way the sun is illuminating it. So I am off.
Later in the day my wife tells me that her boss had a black bear show up at their place last night. Guess hibernation is over. He lives less than a quarter mile below me on the river.

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  1. it feels strange, Gary...we are having 44C here in New Delhi at this time of year:)We feel like going into hibernation ourselves!