Sunday, April 25, 2010

April24, 2010
I had stopped this morning at Kathy's Koffe shop on the way out of town and sat awhile listening in on the daily chatter about what is going on in the Upper Country.
My neighbor just up the river had a heart attack and ran into a power pole on east side of town. Was sent to the hospital [life flighted]in Casper and didn't make it. He was a retired bank person of some importance as he had set up the banking systems in a lot of the Russian countries and did the same thing in Iraq after the overthrow of Saddam; We had over two inches of rain earlier in the week which up to the edge of town tranlated into a lot of snow. That is 1/4 of out yearly precipitation total. It will sure green up and grow if the sun ever comes out; Grizzlies have been spotted on Long Creek and on Togwotee; Yesterday a friend in the Village restaurant showed me photos of a Sow with a new cub sliding on the snow on Togwotee. A horse and a cow maybe two had been killed by wolves over by Pinedale. The Feds were going to take out the whole pack. The talk is still going on when I leave.
Heading out of town I have to stop several times for deer crossing the street. They are everywhere and there has to be a zillion of them. Within a couple of miles north of town I spot and glass a number of elk skylined on a distant ridge. Soon afterwards I watch a cow elk run across the road and dissapear in the willows. she never paused to have her picture taken.
The road is surprisingly dry with all the rain except for giant puddles I am constantly in. I can tell I am the first person out this morning as there is ice on all of them that has not been broken by passing vehicles.

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  1. Fascinating to hear of the wolf and bear sightings in your area. I love the wind river and Teton areas. So beautiful. great photos of the Tetons and trumpeter swans.