Sunday, April 25, 2010

April24, 2010
Last sunday Vicki and I drove over to the Tetons to see how spring was progressing on that side of the mountains. Not very far. Most of the valley floor was covered in 2-4 feet of snow and streams, Lakes and ponds are more ice filled than with open water. Waterfowl and wading birds are congregated heavily on open water. Osprey, like on our side are on their nests and Hawks and Eagles are abundantly patrolling the countryside. We watch a coyote for a while trying to catch mice or picket Pins[Columbian Groundquirrels]Sniffing here and there then pouncing high in the air and hitting heavily on its front feet it would occassionally find something that was taken care of in one swallow. They are fun to watch. There are many Trumpeter Swans and I shoot a lot of pictures of them. What beautiful magnificent birds they are.

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