Monday, May 24, 2010

May 22, 2010
It is just not that uncommon to have snow here well into June but as much as we continue to receive it is really something. We usually get a few days and even weeks of reprieve. Not so this year. Saturday morning we awoke to find it had just quit after falling most of the night. My Gallery pardner, Tom Lucas, artist friend, Les Lefevre and myself are determined to go back up Horse Creek where I have dutifully been searching for this years Grizzly. Photos and just to say we saw one has pushed us on in our quest. One has actually been seen several days ago where I have been going. The road into this particular area is actually pretty good even in the mud we are experiencing so I am not too concerned about it. As has been so typical all spring we immediately are into Deer and Elk soon after leaving town. I shot this group. What a mangy looking bunch still recovering from winter tribulations. We ran into a nice Pronghorn Buck and I thought I had taken the perfect picture of him only to discover my telephoto lens that has been giving me some trouble has completely quit working. What a frustrating moment. And with no camera repair in this country.


  1. The snow looks really refreshing right now! It is 92 degrees in MN today which is extremely unusual for us. Sorry to hear about your lens, hope you can find somewhere to get it repaired!

  2. That's a lot of snow for this late in the spring. The elk don't seem to mind, though. They're looking good.