Monday, May 24, 2010

May 22, 2010
After showing pictures to my wife of our morning sojourn she and Les's wife decide it would be nice if we would take them back to where we had been this morning. I don't have to be asked twice so at 6:30 in the evening we again head north on the Horse Creek road. It is an even worse mud road than this morning. A lot of snow has melted during the rather cold day even though Dubois was hit with nearly blizzard like snow squalls hourly during the day. Things are now clearing a lot and it promises to be a beautiful evening. Cathy, Les's wife has never been down this road so it is a treat for her. We again jump many elk and just off the Horse Creek road on the road down into the canyon we jump a number of Bulls who are just now beginning antler growth. A month from now they will be sporting a head of magnificent antlers. Antler growth in the deer family is the fastest growing biological material that there is. Still without my telephoto lens I am relegated to a small lens and photos such as this of the Ramshorn beyond the canyon we are in. I will leave it up to Les to shoot wildlife.
Slowly in and out of the canyon we drive and wait at times hoping to see what we are looking for. Several thousand bears on hillsides reveal only rocks and or stumps and brush through the binoculars. Nothing. The girls like the guys this morning decline to walk through the bottom willows to jump something out.
I have since learned that a cow was killed by a grizzly on the Rocking Chair ranch at the edge of town the night befor. This is very close to the town grade school. That becomes pretty scarey. Several years ago a grizzly ran across the school yard raising a lot of concerns from folks.

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