Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6, 2010
The past month has been pretty hectic and busy with gallery work and I find myself only getting away for brief periods of time mainly early in the mornings these past several weeks. That I have been doing. A few hours here and there for wildlife and landscape research and viewing. Most of these mornings begin with a quick stop at first light at Kathys Koffee where I arm myself with a quick picker-upperto take along. It is amazing how much the Elk calves have grown in the past several weeks. I sit at various points watching them and listening to their conversations amongst one another and to mom. Something like," Is that Gary?" "should we be concerned with his presence?" Shall we run?" Smart is the better part of valor and in no time at all they are off into the woods and safety.
Wildlife is getting harder to spot as the grass and plant life is now growing at higher elevations drawing the wildlife ever onward and upward into the high mountains as they follow both grass and melting snow.


  1. Some great pictures and posts Gary.Fun to see snow still around, I filled the pool last weekend, and plan on a short dip in a bit.Took a light jacket camping last week but never had to get it out. Even trout fishing I only wore it once during the middle of June.Looking for a few sunny days to break in a new tent.I wondered where you have been.

  2. I just returned from Alberta and was thrilled to experience the Willmore Wilderness area on Horseback...my daughter and her partner have 9 horses and he trains his as pack horses using the Parelli method, she is a barrel racer and breeds Autralian Cattle Dogs. Your photographs make me yearn to be back there...also enjoyed some fine Cutthroat trout fishing....such fiesty little fish...Thanks for your comments on my link....looking forward to seeing more of your posts