Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July6, 2010
For several mornings I and Dustin Stephenson, our gallery potter who was in town for five days doing pottery dem;onstrations at the gallery, rose early looking for grizzlies. Another Grizzly[I am sure it is the same one we have bveen searching for all spring]has been seen periodically in the same area we have been searching. We wpend two mornings looking for this fellow to no avail vut I introduce Dustin to some incredible country he has never seen befor.
Dropping down into Wiggins Fork on the second morning from the east switchbacks raises such comments as "My wife would never come down this road." It is just wide enough for my truck and is a long way to the bottom off the edge if something happens like manuvering around those large boulders that have fallen onto the road from this springs snow melt. He is convinced though at the bottom with views such as this that it would be a great place to bring his son for fishing. On the way back up that tortuous road we stop and with glasses watch a Mule Deer Doe with a nw born fawn back down at the bottom where we have just ascended from. Yes. Summer has returned to the mountains.

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