Friday, September 24, 2010

sept. 1, 2010
Les has never been over the Barber Point Road so forgetting myself just how it is I take him. It is a very nerve wracking road or more a trail. There is no turning back and no room for getting around another vehicle if you did meet one. It used to be one way and I don't know why they ever changed that. It is sheer off the side and straight up from above. I have heard reports of folks seeing a grizzly sow and two cubs during the summer in the area and it is worth having a look. It is certainly a perfect place for them. Bears or not it is a spectacular view when one takes his eyes off the road. Timbered ridges push far into the horizon topped by Downs Mountain and Glacier, the northern most glacier that makes up the largest glacial fields in the continental United states.

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  1. Looks a lot like around here, same scary roads too. Most of the roads are for logging.