Friday, September 24, 2010

On west of Togwotee Pass is the Spread Creek country accessed from the Flagstaff Road. Les has never been here befor so as it is only 8 miles further on I have talked him into going as there is definitely a chance of seeing bears. Everytime I travel this dirt road I have run across Bear sign. we are not long onto the road when we run into very fresh bear droppings all along the road. With all the seeds I can tell they are heavily utilizing berries as a food source. Then for a few miles-nothing until we turn off onto the north fork Spread Creek road. There is more there. I am guessing there are two bears in the general area. We don't find our bear but sure find a lot of sign including tracks. It is still a beautiful morning and the frost has burned off where the sun hits. Warming fast with the rising sun. Spread Creek is a beautiful mountin stream coursing its way through willow thickets interspersed with numerous beaver dams and ponds. It derives its name where upon entering Jackson Hole it spreads out for quite a distance through many channels befor entering the Snake River.

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