Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 10,2010
Winter has taken its sweet time in arriving this year. Up to this last weekend we have had record breaking warmth and it has been quite dry with the exception of one snowstorm of about 3" over a week ago. Saturday afternoon was clouding up and the change towards winter was quite evident. Vicki and I had the opportunity to go to Jackson and spent some time walking along the beaver ponds at Scwabachers Landing along the Snake River. There were no people. We had the place to ourselves. The Grand Tetons themselves were reflected in a stormy looking reflection in nearly calm waters with no sign of a breeze whatsoever.


  1. Gary,
    This is really a nice post. I have been playing in this late warmth, I just got in from trout fishing for a few days.I can't stay inside with this weather, I was laid up for long walks after being discarded by a horse and hurting my knee.Back to shorter walks.

  2. I have wandered through October and November here. Just wonderful, the photos and the commentary. I particularly love the photo above with those amazing mountains reflected in the water. Nicely done!