Friday, November 19, 2010

November 16, 2010
Approaching Trail Lake I see what appears to be a fog bank rolling up the canyon with great speed. It is not a fog bank but another onslaught of wind driven snow that hits me with a punishing ferocity. For a time it is a total whiteout and I stop the truck at the head of Trail Lake which is just yards to my right but completely unseen. While waiting I get a call on the truck phone from Vicki wondering where I am and to tell me that Dubois was hit with this same wall some minutes earlier. Pretty wild. I am sporting a bad cold and she was not much in favor of me going out. I figure nothing could be better for a cold than exercise and fresh air.
Thirty minutes later the "sudden" storm is over and the clouds even breaking a little. I head for home and by wednesday morning I have a doozy of a cold that I am now nursing. Maybe I need some fresh air and a little exercise?

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