Friday, August 17, 2012

Friend, Les and I were up befor daylight traveling up Long Creek looking for photographing opportunities which includes Bears reported in the area.  By sunrise we are in the Wolf Creek area and standing on a high ridge above the DuNoir Valley looking into the rising sun that is blood red from the smoke that has invaded our area from fires in the Northwest.  It is an erie looking world.  There is the crash of timber below indicating Elk are moving about down there.  Nothing appears though so we move on and hike down into Wolf Creek itself.  It is a little nerve wracking and Les is mentioning how it resembles his time in Viet Nam when you wonder which side of the trail suicide is?  It is a beautiful area with heavy timber punctuated by various mountain meadows with tall grass and willows.  We come upon a huge Bear dropping that is quite fresh.  And soon ahead we can hear something moving in the timber that is a muffled stroll sound.  Too much like a bear.  We love seeing bears on our terms and this is not on our terms.  We chicken out and head back up the trail.

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