Wednesday, August 22, 2012

With news that a grizzly has been making regular appearances off the Union Pass road, Les, his wife Kathy, and myself were there by sunrise waiting for Mr Bruin to show himself.  This of course was the day he decided not to visit.  
We were visited by the usual Gray Jays, and Clark Nutcrackers with their boisterous voices.  And at one point a Doe Deer and her two fawns moved through the timber a ways off.  We did enjoy a visit from this Blue Grouse who spent some time amongst the daisies and colorful vegetation and seemed to enjoy having her picture taken.  They don't call them Fools Hens for nothing.


  1. wow, love the subtle coloration of the grouse with the purple asters, a perfect painting set up.

  2. Its my first time to have a glimpse with a blue grouse. Never seen them in other pictures before. Thanks for sharing.
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