Thursday, August 13, 2009

July 30, 2009
I leave that scene and make my way to the outlet of the lake where I park and begin hiking towards the lake. Sound is carrying for miles in the stillness of the morning. There are several campgrounds in this area but no one is in any of them as the Forest Service has closed them until further notice. Apparantely because of the drouth that had hit us for the past decade and now the very wet spring and summer a fungus has erupted that is into the trees root systems weakening them to the point that when a recent rain, hail, wind event occured the trees were falling in the campground endangering campers. One lady gave up her tent in the hail and wind for refuge in her car only to discover that moments later a tree fell across her tent. She would have been crushed. God works in mysterious ways. At any rate the whole event allows me to have the whole lake and mountains here to myself on this morning.


  1. Oh mine! Such serenity and incredible beauty! You are so lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy them at your own pace and on your own terms! You are indeed blessed!

  2. I love Brooks Lake! I always visit it when I'm out there. I actually have a beautiful photo I took of the lake on my screensaver right now.