Monday, August 3, 2009

July 21, 2009
I get a number of parting shots as I make my way back down the road. There are vistas everywhere. One could produce a lot of art work here.
I decide at the last minute to return to where I saw the bear tracks along the river just to get a few pictures of the changed light on the river. No sooner do I pull up than I hear a vehicle coming behind me. It is fishing guide, Leon Sanderson with a couple of clients that I recognize as living down the river from myself in Dubois.
I ask him if he has any bear spray on him. His reply is "No." I answer him back, "you might want to check out the tracks in the trail befor you do any fishing in the canyon." The folks with him are right behind and Mary my neighbor blurts out, "Oh ...". They decide to fish upstream and not in the canyon as they had intended.
I continue on up the switchbacks but want to get a little more hiking and exploring in so I stop at Castle Creek and walk about a 1/4 mile up the trail there when I run across a nice pile of Bear droppings. Maybe my hiking day is over. I'm guessing it might be the same bear as it is only about 1/2 mile on into the canyon and a natural for walking on down to it from here but I'm not for taking any chances. I like to see bears but only on my terms. My hiking day IS over.

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