Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 25, 2009
It has been September 26th since I have had a chance to get out into the wonderful world of nature except for trips to Casper which were all Doctor related. I finally con Vicki into letting me drive[again the first time since September] and we head off for a Christmas Day drive to the Glacier Trailhead south of Dubois. I tell her it should be a good foot exercise driving with my boot cast on over a rocky dirt road. Our intent is also to see if there are any Bighorn Sheep in the valley. After all this is the location of the largest Bighorn herd in the world.
On the way in we do see a number of sheep high on the skyline of Whiskey Mountain. Too far to say we really watched any sheep. Near the trailhead we stop to watch about 30 head of Mule Deer browsing away. Many are suddenly intent on something just over the rise out of our sight. Suddenly a young Ram and a ewe burst out over the rim at breakneck speed. He is pushing her fast.

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  1. Wonderful Photography of the deer and these bighorns, It must be a great experience to be able to see them in their own habitats. Linda:)
    I've only seen these in wildlife films,Thank you for sharing.