Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 25, 2009
We drive by the place of our earlier encounter with the sheep and search the mountainside for them to no avail. The Deer are still there and we watch and photograph them for a while befor continuing on past the lakes now frozen. There are some fishermen out on Trail Lake and I guess it is really frozen because they have their pickup out on the lake. I stop at Ring Lake and get a few pictures of the setting sun that is casting its low light across the Ramshorn bathing it in that special light and color of Alpinglow so treasured by artists and photographers.
A major blizzard is going full blast across the midwest and the eastern 2/3 of Wyoming. 30 miles to the east it is snowing but we sure can't see much evidence of that fact here. We have missed all the snow storms in the same way since our heavy snows of September and early October. We are now well below average on our mountain snowpack. Dubois did not have a white Christmas.

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