Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 25, 2009
The 2 by 3 buck has moved up above into the rocks and trees but I do get a few pictures of him. After we turn around and head back down country we notice the two of them have climbed up onto a bench above and are sparing and jostling one another. I'd like to get pictures of that but they are back in the trees and I guess I am unable to manuever the country on crutches so...
Just over the ridge we run into several other deer accompanied by another large 5 point Buck. We speculate if this might be the fellow that broke the times on the buck just below.


  1. Gary,
    Happy New Year! I got the Silver Sage Christmas card today. Nice painting by Tom. It is great to hear you are driving again. Pretty soon you will be moving like that young ram. LOL Any trip to Wyoming and even my trip to the Cyprus Swamps to hunt the Ivory Bill is a day to day thing with my mother. She is still hanging in there but everyday has a new crisis it seems. Give my hello to Vicki and all my friends in Dubois.

  2. Amazing photography, Wishing you a New Year full of Happiness and Good Health. Linda:)

  3. Great pictures, I particulary liked the one of the fawn. You did well for a guy with crutches.