Friday, March 12, 2010

I am determined to get out more and more pushing this heel which is not very comfortable doing so but as a good friend of mine put it "It is weakness leaving the body". I think that is a military term as that is what he is involved with. At any rate this wednesday morning I left town early and headed up Horse Creek road. We had a skiff of snow last night but looks as if they even missed that up here. At 16 degrees it doesn't seem bad with no wind blowing. There is a total lack of snow for this time of year it is scarey. I am able to drive quite a ways with no trouble and even up Brent Creek to the locked gate[so locked to protct wintering wildlife until June 15.]
Usually Winchester meadows here are loaded with wildlife. I can always find Elk, Moose and occassionaly Grizzlies but this morning there are only a few deer. There are some Moose tracks in the snow so they are around. This is the view across Winchester meadows to the south and looking at the Wind River Mountains.


  1. Hi Gary
    These pictures are just heavenly! Thanks a lot for sharing!