Monday, March 22, 2010

Saturday morning and it is first light when I leave town traeling north on the Horse Creek Road. It is 17 degrees and we had an inch of snow yesterday. Not much compared to central and southern Wyoming who had up to a foot that left a number of roads closed and warnings to travel at your own risk on others. it seems a great morning to be out. Cold and brisk. This is still a great time to catch critters out and I have watched a number of grizzlies this early where I am going though not for several years now. They should be just now emerging from their winter dens and it will be pretty cool to get to see one. I drive pretty slow stopping occassionally to glass the mountain sides with my binoculars. Nothing. Not even any Deer this morning not to mention Elk, Moose or Grizzlies. From Brent Creek Road just off the Horse Creek Road I stop in a grove of Aspens still glassing the surrounding countryside enjoying the time just befor the sun breaks the eastern horizon.


  1. Love your work, but you know that already. also love to see your photo's of your surrounding areas. so much rugged beauty.

  2. Beautiful photos Gary it's great to have the oppertunity too see your part of the world :)

  3. Great photos and commentary Gary! Winter has shown signs of subsiding here as well... snow has disapppeared... but not he cold night temperatures... great for maple syrup production!More snow expected early next week... we'll see!

    I am off to Algonquin Park for four days of painting and doing a demo and critique for a painting group conducting a plein air paint out at Algonquin Adventure Lodge. I'll send along some pix. The bears will be black... if they're out here!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Wram regards,

  4. So beautiful, sweet light in this!

  5. This is beautiful, Gary. Such a difference from here in the desert - it was 94 degrees here today.