Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August 20, 2009
Last week I hiked up to Lake Louise which is a pretty streuous hike over a trail that at times is marked only by rock carns so one can follow it across granite faces. The trail begins with a series of switchbacks that ventures across dry openings and then into deep forest until it reaches Torrey Creek first heard as a thunderous noise growing louder with each step from the falls that fall the length of this canyon.
After completing my hike last week I went to my computer to download my pictures only to discover my camera card lying on my desk. I had shot blanks the whole trip. Wanting to get pictures of the extraordinary amount of water that was coming down this year I just had to repeat the trip. My daughter tells me this is not neccessarily a sign of Ahlteimers. Not neccessarily?
So to get the pictures I want I am on the trail again. I have never seen this much water this time of year so it is a treat to take in. Of course I don't need much of an excuse to venture into the back country.

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