Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August 20, 2009
From where I sit along the lake edge munching away and watch cloud shadows as they change the granite from stark grays to varying depths of beauty it is easy to remember other trips I have made here and on beyond. It is impossible to continue on up the lake and stream safely without climbing gear. Hidden Lake and Ross Lake are on up country with lesser lakes tucked just below the glaciers themselves. I have been to these places but by way of the Whiskey Mountain Trail and have even climbed up above the glaciers seen here on the skyline. Stood in awe at the top and marveled at the Bighorn Sheep trails that ventured out onto the headwall of the glaciers themselves. Even watched those Sheep doing unbelievable things on granite faces. The skyline puts one onto the relatively flat Ram Flats and on to Goat Flats and beyond to the Downs Glacier and Downs Fork. Magnificent far above timberline country

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