Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 8, 2011
Last night I received a call from artist friend Les Lefevre who had taken a drive west of town with his wife, Kathy.  He had stopped along the road to photograph some geese floating down the river when Kathy drew his attention to what appeared to be a dead animal across the river.  It was a Moose and they could tell it had been preyed upon.  They decided to stay awhile as it was getting late to see if anything came out to continue its feast.  This surely meant Grizzly.  Sure enough a large Grizzly boar came down the hill and began supper.  Les was going to go back out in the morning and so was I.
I arrived a little later than intended and Les and Kathy were all ready there at 6 am.  Les informed me that the Grizzly had been there and he had video of him as well as two coyotes that had crossed the river and were trying to get in on the feast.  The Grizzly had finally left and as I pulled up the two coyotes took off.
After waiting for some time and nothing happening Les announced they were leaving till later in the evening.  I stayed on a while then continued on up the road several miles, turned around and pulled up to the same spot.  A few minutes later I spotted the bear slowly walking the ridgeline off to the east.

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