Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 8, 2011
It is amazing to me that something so large can seem so small in the enormous landscape he calls home.  When in the sagebrush he becomes nearly invisible and if I did not know he was there it would be hard to pick himout of what he has so well blended into.
Rain is falling.  Not hard but fairly steady and at 35 degrees is not far away from snow.  He occassionaly shakes his whole body much like a dog coming out of water and slowly ambles along the top of the ridge heading back towards his moose.  Several Geese fly by.  their haunting call and the sounds of ravens also gathering adds to the mystic of the moody morning.  The river below slowly flows along adding to the mountain chorus.  Although I am sitting at the edge of the hiway I may as well be miles back in the wilderness.  There has been absolutely no traffic.  The wonderful peacefulness of the morning belies the evidence of life and death just yards away and below me.  It is raw nature at its best and I am privy to be a part of it this morning.


  1. Fantastic scene you painted for us, and without any actual paint. Pretty cool trick!

  2. This would make a beautiful painting, Gary!