Monday, May 16, 2011

Yesterday Dubois had a schedualed power outage all afternoon into the evening so we left a gloomy snow flurries falling day and went over the continental divide to Jackson Hole and the Tetons where the sun was shining and a lot warmer.  Watching and photographing wildlife and a picnic at Colter Bay.  It was a great day filled with many sightings of wildlife and waterfowl. 
Here a Moose trudges through melting snow along Pacific Creek.


  1. Do you get much of a summer there in the wilderness Gary? I must say it looks the most wonderful place yet I don't know if I could stand snow for so many months of the year it must be cold too. Do you all find it hard to cope with at times or are you all very used to the weather conditions by now? The photos are really lovely I especially love the wee bunny rabbit on the edge of the snow.

  2. My husband would have loved to be there when that moose walked by. Great shot. Mickie :)