Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last evening about 8:30 pm our place was invaded by over 30 Duboisians.  Boy Scouts, friends and even some folks I did not even know.  It was organized chaos with trucks, trailers, dogs cats.  O K maybe not cats.  All pitching in to lay a sandbag line around the 2 vulnerable sides of my house.  In 45 minutes the job was finished. 
For the past week many volunteers met at the Town garage filling sandbags in preparation for this even.  My wife had blisters on both hands from filling sunday afternoon.
  A great big thank you for all those wonderful people who gave of their time and energies to give a lending hand.  Small towns are the way to live.


  1. What a lucky guy you are to have such a caring community!

  2. It is wonderful how people all chip in and help each other out in times of need, though I believe I'd consider building a permanent dike, you are awfully close to the river.