Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The river is rising pretty fast now with the temps up to 80 degrees but helps to get down into mid 30's night time.  Is to be cooler next few days and that is a blessing.  Still waitning on sandbags that were to be delivered yesterday.  Hopefull today.  Snowed last night on the mountains above town and still snow showers falling there this morning.


  1. Hi Gary, you are having some lovely warm temperatures during the day now. We have about 16.C during the day which is not very warm and like you lots of rain but ours is set in for the week. I hope those sandbags arrive soon as the river looks very high. I hope your home isn't too near the river.

  2. I get nervous just looking at the photos. I'm enjoying the outdoors with you and hope you can hang in there with the sandbagging.