Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The river is behaving its self this morning with a cool front coming through night befor last.  Only hit 63 yesterday and in low 30's this morning.  Helps a lot with the run off.  Snow showers raced across Whiskey Peak above town all day yestrday and the wind represented the name of our area well.-Wind River Valley. 
 Snow is forcast today in Dubois but this morning looks pretty good out especially with those sandbags around the house.  Our trees are leafing out and looks a little more summrish every day. 
Now why did Vicki put that snow shovel away?


  1. This is fantastic to have good people so near. I write about this a lot. In our fast paced world many have set that helping hand on a shelf. I spent 2 weeks in a motel in 08 until I could paddle home.Always have room for guests here.
    Steve, Out On The Prairie

  2. Wow, are you in some flood danger? I guess so with the sand bags. I'll say a prayer that all will be well.