Friday, July 24, 2009

July 20, 2009
Moments later I top the wide timber-open country of Union Pass. The Mountain Man's gateway to the western side of the continental divide. Elk are everywhere. Through the trees , the meadows. There is well over 100 head of cows and calves and they are certainly startled to see a human being out at this time of the morning. There is a lot of milling around, running, stopping, looking for calves. Finding them they are off again in seemingly utter confusion and the whole process starts over again. All the while squeeking and squeeling and barking in the way they do. What a show. But I do feel a little gulty at having disturbed their peaceful morning. A large snow drift keeps them from moving off to the left and into the thick timber. They finally kind of settle down and go to watching me from the edge of the timber along the branched off Moon Lake road. Just where I wanted to go. Surprisingly they seem to accept my presence and don't even seem that perturbed when I begin driving slowly towards them on the Moon Lake road.

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