Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July6, 2009[3]
To the NE looking across the Absarokas is Wiggins Peak catching a stormy colored light from a soft diffused sun. It still makes for a beautiful though threatening looking lasndscape. I come to a point in the dirt road where it hugs the side of the mountain with a perpendicular drop below. A landslide has occured seemingly blocking access. Several vehicles though have traversed across it and so I give it a try. I'm glad it is all dirt as I can feel the bottom of my truck scraping the dirt. Within another 1/4 mile it is getting pretty wet and starting to rain and as I am now in pretty thick timber and my views are blocked I decide to retrace my path and hike lower down the mountain so it is back over the landslide and onto more secure footing.

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