Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July6, 2009[1]
After a pretty hectic 4th of July weekend I finally manage some time off from gallery duty and take advantage of it monday afternoon. The Brent Creek road opened for the year and I have not had a chance to go check things out up that way so now that is my destination. As early as this morning the weather folks were predicting drying and warmer weather. A thunderstorm is rolling through town as I head north up the Horse Creek road. By the time I reach the Brent Creek road there are threatening clouds overhead and MPR is now calling for severe thunderstorms from Fremont County through Yellowstone. Hmm.


  1. Well, you got a nice photo, and you weren't struck by lightning. That's all good!

  2. Ahh Gary, Really enjoyed the hike this morning...(slurpping coffee ) The views, the flowers, (slurp ) the sun/clouds, (slurp ) even the bugs. Nothng like a good hike to get the day started...(slurp ) I must really be in good shape. Feels like I've just been sitting at the kitchen table. Thanks for the wonderful blog. ;)