Friday, July 17, 2009

July9, 2009
We finally hit the ridge line we were headed for. I had taken a different approach than I did years ago thinking it would be easier hiking and I was right about that part however I have ended up south and on a different ridge than I wanted and would have to negotiate another ridge route to get to my Pika cliff. Oh well. That can be saved for another trip. Finding and getting there is what this whole hiking adventure is about. We are just enjoying the view here straight above the Wiggins Fork and looking NE up into the Caldwell drainage. True wilderness as wild and grand as the day God created it and said "This is good".
I have been on horseback in the upper reaches of Caldwell Creek in Kodachrome Basin[well named]on over the top into Wiggins Fork and all the way down that area to Double Cabins. I will never forget those trips.
We spend a great deal of time just absorbing the view and pointing out various landmarks.

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