Friday, July 17, 2009

July 9,2009
We are not that far from Double Cabins and the end of the road. This is as fas as one can go by vehicle into the Absarokas. From here on there are thousands of square miles of wilderness. One of the vast wildernesses in the lower 48. The true American Serengheti for wildlife and landscapes.
Double Cabins is at the confluence of Frontier Creek and the Wiggins Fork and it is here that the two streams meander into numerous channels leaving a wide valley that is reminescent of Alaskan rivers the way they spread and meander through many channels particularly during spring run off.
Double Cabins received its name from the story of two trappers in years past who built a cabin here to trap during the winter. As the winter progressed they became pretty disagreeable to one another and finally a line was drawn down the middle of the cabin. Each keeping to his area. One of them finally decided that this was ridiculous and went on down river a ways and built his own cabin. However it was quickly over run by pack rats and in desperation he set it on fire exclaiming no pack rats would ever use it again. The name Double Cabins stuck and is known today as that.

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