Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I glass the Wind River Range to the south looking for the elk there. That herd is usually easy to spot from town and I haven't seen them for a while. This high up I can see more country to the south than from town but see no elk. They definitely have not gone higher up as there has been no snow melt to allow their survival up there. They too may have moved further to the east.
This is from the head of one of those canyons that drop off into the badlands. One would think they had been transported to Arizona or Utah canyon country as they hike these canyons only to find upon rounding a bend that affords a view to the south that the mountains there are nothing like that country.
Not much time to spend out this morning as it is my turn to fix beakfast and that means my famous Buckwheat Pancakes so it is time to head for the house.

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