Tuesday, March 24, 2009

February 7, 2009
By 2:00 in the afternoon Les Lefevre and myself have parked at the top of the hill overlooking the East Fork River just below the point where the Wiggins Fork enters East Fork River. Les is a retired dentist now doing western art work and one of the artists in our Silver Sage Gallery. This is a dual purpose trip. Les is looking for dropped Moose antlers. Of course Deer antlers would be a great find too but I think it is a little early for that to happen but was surprised when the other day I stopped off at Ring Lake Ranch to talk with Ben Verheul, the caretaker and he was showing me some nice finds he had from a few days befor. Must be global warming. It is a good day for some photo research and just to get out and stretch our legs. This is a favorite hiking area for me paticularly in the fall and winter and the first time Les has been here. It is in the mid 40's and with a small weather system playing cat and mouse with the sun it seems ideal for a couple of artists to gather research for future paintings.

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