Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We watch and photograph for some time as the deer move across the snowy covered hillside. They are pretty tolerant of our presence. Last week I was on Torrey Creek and had gotten some nice photos of Mulies and later on two other ocassions when they were suddenly very hard to find and when I did see them they were moving away from me at first glimpse. They sure seemed spooked. On those several trips I did find 2 different carcasseswith Ravens and magpies on them. Ben at Ring Lake told me he had run across another carcass fresh killed near the Ring Lake Ranch. There are a lot of elk scatterd across the mountainsides rather than in more close knit herds as is usually the case. I know just west of town and on the mountain above town there have been several wolf sightings. Of course Cougars frequent that area too and I have found cougar kills in that area befor. But these deer just seem pretty spooked.

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