Wednesday, March 25, 2009

February 22, 2009
Saturday morning and it has been a while since I have gotten out except for climbing the hill above the house where I have enjoyed glassing and keeping track of a number of elk herds I have spotted in the hills above town. I am now having a hard time finding any of them. We have had no snow this month to speak of but it has been very windy and remained quite cool. Most of the wildlife are high up on wind blown slopes including the deer that I had been finding so easily. I did watch a herd of antelope some miles away and was surprised to find them so high up and far back. My artist friend, Les had called me a week ago to tell me that quite a herd of them had moved through his place about a week ago. I am sure this is the same bunch.
It is a calm morning though and I am committed to go later this morning to Thermopolis to watch our grand daughter play basketball. It is the last game of the regular season for her and her team. Our daughter, Janet haas been there for several days at a teaching conference sent by her hospital. So it will be a great opportunity to take in the Mexican restaurant there, do up the town and listen to my son-in-law and others inform the referees and coaches of their shortcomings.
I turn off the hiway onto my favorite road leading up to the lakes 3 miles S E of town and am greeted by this sunrise and a herd of about 20 Mule Deer scattered about the hill opposite.

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