Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 15, 2009
It is monday June 15, my Birthday and I was up befor daylight and am glad to find Kathy's Koffee open. Frank who opens up is a retired english teacher raised in New York City and found himself in Dubois some years ago. He opens every morning about 4:30 A M I think just to sit and enjoy his morning while he reads the latest acquired New York Times or a book of some sort. That works out great for me when I take off on my morning soujourns. I have to open the Gallery today at 9:00 so don't have a lot of time myself but a cup of European Blend seems just the ticket to get going and with that hot cup in hand I am soon on the Horse Creek road and off the pavement when it is just getting light. What a surprise to find Elk on the irrigated meadows just north of town. They scatter along with a number of Mule Deer as I stop to watch. I get a few pictures but it is really too dark for any good shots. I have never seen elk this low at this time of year befor. Don't know if it is the weather or maybe even predators[wolves and grizzlies]that are keeping them so near civilization.
I turn off Brent Creek Road which will be closed ahead due to elk calving and grizzly activity until July, 1. A bull Moose takes off ahead of me and is gone befor I can get his picture. He is awful looking with his shedding winter coat and seemingly oversized velvet antlers growing out. The sun is just now catching the Wind River Mountains to the south in its wonderful alpinglow.

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  1. Gary,

    I always enjoy reading your "Outdoor Adventures"! Looks like you had a great start to your Birthday! And Happy Birthday late!

    Enjoyed the Open House at the Gallery, it looks really great!