Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May 28, 2009 [4]
Ahead to the south is Arrow Mountain and to the right is Bomber Canyon so named from a WW2 Bomber that flew up the canyon and could not climb out finally crashing into a waterfall in the canyon.[Bomber Falls] That canyon is a phenomenally beautiful canyon and is akin to entering a completely different world with overhanging waterfalls dropping off the edges of extremely narrow canyon walls of dizzying granite heights. Bomber Creek is itself a fast moving stream and full of waterfalls and thunderous cascading waters. Further into the canyon the way is blocked by a massive rock slide that one must climb up and over to access several lakes. Then it becomes mountain climbing finally to an arm of Ross Lake on Torrey Creek. One can climb up and out of the Canyon over No Mans Pass and that will get you into the Downs Fork and the glacial fields which are the largest in the continental United States along with the highest point in Wyoming, Gannett Peak at 13, 815'. Between Arrow Mountain and Bomber Canyon you can see the horse trail zigzagging up the face of the Golf Course. [easiest seen by clicking on the picture with you mouse]So named because of the seemingly nice green look of the open hillside. Believe me it is no place to play golf. That is the main trail used by horsemen to access the glacier country of the Fitzpatrick Wilderness Area.

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