Wednesday, June 10, 2009

[8]June 9, 2009
We cross the grassy slopes further below the bear site and make our way to the edge of Wiggins Fork Canyon. The view is breathtaking what with the river flowing below and the timbered slopes and meadows rising westward to the Ramshorn Peak. We spend a little time with the binoculars checking out the river bottom and comment about how if one would spend a few evenings or early mornings here you would surely watch a grizzly prowling along the river. This is great grizzzly country and everytime I am in this area I come across grizzly sign. Most often wolf too. It is an amazing wilderness of such inspirational beauty. 5:00 is coming up fast and we are 2-3 miles of climbing and traversing slopes to get to the truck so it is time to get going.

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